Dedicated December Wishes Naquag Families!
* Naquag December Concert DVD! The morning and afternoon concerts were videotaped by Rutland Cable! Please contact the Rutland Town Clerk (Rutland Town Hall/Community Hall) to order a copy. $5   Check local TV channel 191 to see the concert too! 
* Please Note:  2 Hour Delays and Early Release Days - NO RECESS
*  Thank you to the Naquag PTO for the lovely seasonal flower pots at Naquag's front entry! 
*Thank you for your participation in Naquag's Teacher/Parent Conferences. These conferences are held in lieu of a report card. Quarter 2 report card will be available to parents online through the Power School Parent Portal on Friday, January 24. 
*Check your child's teacher's webpage for additional classroom information. 

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Specialists' Newsletters:

November 2019

SIMCO 2018-2019 SCHOOL SURVEY: May 1 - May 10. 

Click Here: 2019 Naquag School Survey

School Hours: 

School (instruction) begins at 9:00. Children may enter their classrooms at 8:45. (We strongly suggest your child arriving before 9:00. This provides time to socialize, unpack and complete "morning work".) We kindly suggest that children  not be dropped off before 8:40. 

Dismissal is at 3:30. Dismissal procedures begin at 3:15. (If you need to change dismissal plans, please do so before 2:00.)

A  Note From the Health Office: Many parents are often unsure as to when they should keep their child home from school due to illness. Please click here for a list of guidelines that will provide some assistance. Thank you for your attention to this matter. If we all work together, we can make a healthy and happy environment for everyone!