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  • 2 Hour Delay Information: Students should arrive at school 10:45 - 11:00. 
  • School Messenger Emails: All PTO and Community Flyers will be shared through a School Messenger email weekly on Thursday. To support the District's focus on "Going Green" and using less paper, we will no longer be sending home weekly Communication Envelopes.
  • Timeline for Submitting Community / PTO Flyers: Flyers should be submitted to the Naquag office by Tuesday @ noon. This allows for administration approval and revisions if needed.  A School Messenger  email will be sent to all families weekly - on Thursday. Please forward the information in PDF format if possible, to Naquag's School Secretary, Carleen Smith at [email protected]. Contact our school office for additional information.

Please do not call the school for early dismissal except in the case of an emergency.

Early dismissal of children can be arranged through the office.  Please send a note to your child's teacher including the following information: 

  1. The reason for dismissal
  2. The time he or she is to be dismissed
  3. Who will pick up the child


No child will be dismissed to a person other than the parent of the child unless a note has been sent from the parent. Please come to the office and your child will be called to the office. We wait until parents arrive so that students do not miss more class time than necessary. 

School Hours:

School (instruction) begins at 9:00. Children may enter their classrooms at 8:45. (We strongly suggest your child arriving before 9:00. This provides time to socialize, unpack and complete "morning work".)

Dismissal is at 3:30. Dismissal procedures begin at 3:15. (If you need to change dismissal plans, please do so before 2:00.)



A  Note From the Health Office: Many parents are often unsure as to when they should keep their child home from school due to illness. Please click here for a list of guidelines that will provide some assistance. Thank you for your attention to this matter. If we all work together, we can make a healthy and happy environment for everyone!

Important Raz-Kids Information

Some of you may have been experiencing difficulties using the raz-kids website via the "learninga-z" app on a mobile device. This app is no longer usable for raz-kids. Raz-kids customer support suggests using the following steps as an alternate approach for using raz-kids on a mobile device (iPad, iPhone, Nook, or other tablet).

  1. In the app store, download the free app titled "Rover"
  2. On the bottom left-hand side, click "More Content"
  3. Three rows of screens will appear. On the top row, scroll to the very end and select the 4th to the last screen (this is the raz-kids website).
  4. will load on your screen. In the upper right hand side, click "teacher login" and type your teacher's login name.
  5. Click on your name/symbol to log in